New Frontier Expedition

New Frontier Expedition is a 3-week 2000 mile snowmobile trip and fundraiser for the New Life Covenant Church Building Fund.  The Expedition began in Twig, Minnesota and ended in Churchill, Manitoba.  Our motto is Faith Takes Risk.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Following worship, beginning from the church parking lot. 




New Frontier Expedition was being taken by Rev. Brad Shannon, pastor of New Life Covenant Church and included various riders along the way.  



Often, when God wanted to get a message through to His followers, He would have His followers not just say something... because we ignore words... but He would have them act it out in a very dramatic way, sometimes a shocking way. One example is Hosea marrying a prostitute to demonstrate the unfaithfulness of Israel. Rather than following Hosea's example, I chose New Frontier Expedition as a dramatic way to act out two central realities I believe New Life Covenant Church is being called to. 

One is that God is always inviting us to to go, to dream, and to follow.  

The second is this, RISK is inherent to our trust in Jesus. To trust Jesus simply means believing He is right about everything and if that's the case then our faith is anything but safe. I believe it is only as we step out in faith that we experience God's faithfulness.  Unless we go we will never feel the exhilaration of living in the power of God's grace and God's leading.  

New Frontier Expedition followed trails across Central and Northwestern Minnesota.  From there it headed up north to the western edge of Manitoba into the northern part of the province.  From The Pas we will head East & then North to Churchill ~ The Gateway to the Arctic.  

The scheduled route had stops in McGregor, Bemidji, Roseau, Winnipeg, Brandon, Swan River, The Pas, Snow Lake, Thompson, Gillam, & Churchill. (See Route Tab for the map).


New Life Covenant Church

New Life Covenant Church was established in 1957 in Twig, Minnesota (15 miles outside of Duluth). It is in an old one-room school house that added indoor plumbing in the mid-70's and a sanctuary in the 80's.  Through much of it's history it consisted of part-time and/or shared pastors and was a preaching point in a rural setting.  In the 90's it almost had to close its doors if not for a few of the faithful that were committed to this ministry.  Through many steps of faith, each involving risk, New Life now has a full-time pastor and active ministries throughout the week.  Those that consider New Life Covenant their home church now pushes to almost 250 people. 

The facility however, has become hinderance to ministry.  As a church family seeking to bring Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world, we find ourselves at another defining moment.  New opportunities are staring us in the face.  New opportunities for ministries that have been put on hold that will finally be developed, to invite the community in, to provide accessible space for our seniors, to hold weddings and funerals in our own building, and for children to experience God. 

Since 2006 New Life has gone through a thoughtful process of exploring God's leading to build a new church.  Five acres have been donated, established a Building Committee, purchased an addition 2.7 acres adjoining the new land, introduced a Mission Statement: Connect Grow & Become, 3 months of weekly input sessions, created a Capital Campaign Committee, took a church assessment, and finally in May 2013 launched into a Capital Campaign called the Wave.  

The Wave Campaign invites us to take new opportunities to make Waves.  Waves have this unwavering persistent faithful quality to them.  Although water is by nature pliable, over time it has the power to cut through stone, transform landscapes, and sustain life.  Ultimately we see the opportunity to share “Living Water” with our community and the world.  To share the story of Jesus who has the power to turn hearts from stone to flesh, the power to transform the landscape of our lives and community.  To share the source of our life with others.

Since our Commitment Sunday in June 2013, New Life Covenant Church has $400,000 of pledges over the three-year Wave Campaign. The new church building is estimated to cost $800,000 for Phase I.  

Over that past decade, Pastor Brad and his wife Brooke, have been dedicated to serving New Life and the Twig community. In 2011 their family experienced a house fire that resulted in the loss of everything they owned.  That experience, among others, brought the question into focus: What are you willing to risk to follow Jesus?

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  Matt 6:21.  


We invite you to participate, to share with your friends & family, by praying and/or sponsoring Brad with a per mile donation. We hope you decide to be a part of making this dream come true and that together we witness God's amazing faithfulness…   THANK YOU!!!!